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PostCrossing in the works

I know I said I wouldn’t start on my list until the twenty-fourth… but in the last few days it has occurred to me that I’m going to have a few obstacles to deal with once I start.  One of those obstacles is that I’m going to be in New Brunswick for four weeks.  Thus, I will not be able to receive any PostCrossing postcards during that time.  (To boot, it’s very possible that I won’t receive any postcards for over sixty days!!)

That makes me sad.  😦

So, I’m starting now.  I have already requested my limit of five addresses via the PostCrossing site and will be sending the postcards within the next few days.  My postcards are all homemade so far- I hope they get there… even though they seem to fit the required size for postcards.

I have:  

  • One postcard going to China
  • One postcard going to the USA
  • One postcard going to Germany
  • One postcard going to Finland
  • One postcard going to the UK

I’m really curious to see what the postcards I receive are going to be like!  ;D


June 12, 2009 at 7:55 pm 4 comments

From the first day after exams to the last day before school starts again, I have exactly seventy-two days of freedom. My list comprises the seventy-two things I want to do most this summer... You ready? Alright, let’s do this!

(June 24th - Sept. 3rd 2009)


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