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My Summer To-Do List

I have exactly 72 days in summer, from the day after my last exam to the day before school starts again next year.  This is my project.  If you want to see how I’m doing, check out the “72 Things” list at the top of the page.  🙂
Remember:  I don’t start on this list until the twenty-fourth!
  1. Speak only French for a whole day
  2. Start a walking routine
  3. Start a running routine
  4. Make a study guide for Conversational Japanese
  5. Make a study guide for Spanish 11
  6. Fill my inspiration board completely
  7. Complete room clean-up
  8. Clear things up with my writing partner
  9. Make a habit of journaling
  10. Learn how to clean the bathroom
  11. Have either a garage sale, or a bake sale, or both
  12. Learn one new muffin recipe
  13. Learn one new dessert recipe
  14. Learn one new meal recipe
  15. Read up on and try some odd vegetables
  16. Go clothes shopping
  17. Hang out with friends
  18. Get a new hairstyle
  19. Read all the books in my “unread” pile
  20. Read five new books
  21. Learn to play three new songs on the ocarina… by heart
  22. Paint a picture
  23. Think of something awesome to do for my birthday
  24. Make a list of 101 facts about me
  25. Make a list of my 30 most treasured simple pleasures
  26. Make a new friend
  27. Throw a spa party
  28. Do some Postcrossing
  29. Send in a postcard to PostSecret
  30. Spend a night sleeping in the hammock outside
  31. Read a book in French
  32. Spend a day in silence
  33. Take a photography day
  34. Visit Stanley Park
  35. Help dad organize the computer room
  36. Help dad organize his desk
  37. Grow an herb garden
  38. Write a multi-chap without losing focus
  39. Leave a letter for someone to find
  40. Media fast for at least three days
  41. Make Cascarones and throw them at people for fun
  42. Go to the zoo
  43. Make some environmental changes
  44. Meditate, starting for 15 minutes a day
  45. Subscribe to for a month or two, and make full use of it!
  46. Make a list of my top ten favourite lemon-flavoured things
  47. Learn a new word every week
  48. Go fishing
  49. Find a favourite mug
  50. Complete setting up dad’s site
  51. Empty my entire jar of pennies
  52. Write a vignette using original characters
  53. Do a photo-a-day project for twenty days or more
  54. Keep my blood sugars below seven for an entire day
  55. Read the entire Naruto manga (every single volume, from the beginning to the most recent release)
  56. Take the skytrain to metro and back
  57. Spend a day people-watching
  58. Learn a simple recipe by heart
  59. Learn another piano song by ear
  60. Find ten blogs I really love reading
  61. Send a letter to a camp friend
  62. Deliver those souvenirs from Oregon to their respective recipients
  63. Go stargazing
  64. Take a walk at night
  65. Get myself a new lamp
  66. Buy some new notebooks
  67. Go to Daiso
  68. Try a food that really seems strange to me
  69. Spend a day doing nothing at all
  70. Go through notes online about how to write a great essay
  71. Buy organizers for my drawers
  72. Experiment with shampoos until I find five different kinds I really like

June 7, 2009 at 12:41 am 2 comments

From the first day after exams to the last day before school starts again, I have exactly seventy-two days of freedom. My list comprises the seventy-two things I want to do most this summer... You ready? Alright, let’s do this!

(June 24th - Sept. 3rd 2009)


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