“Get a New Hairstyle”

June 24, 2009 at 9:56 pm Leave a comment

This is me.  

My new hair

I can finally cross my first item off my list… number eighteen, get a new hairstyle.  Done and over with.  I woke up today not knowing that I would be walking to the mall with my brother to get my hair cut and cause general havoc in the vicinity, but that’s okay- outrageous spontaneity?  All in good fun for our family.

Actually, mom had made the appointment a week before, and I was the one who neglected to check the calendar.  That’s not really unusual for me.  Oh, well.  😉

It was kind of more than I was going for… all I can think of when I look at myself is “whoa, that’s curly.”  

I was going for something a bit more like…

my ideal hair…But I guess what I have will have to do.  I’m really looking forward to when the perm comes out a little bit.

As for my progress on other list items, I managed to save one eggshell for Cascarones during the morning panic, so that should be useful!  😀  I’m still wondering what I should check off tomorrow… any ideas?  I’m feeling sort of uninspired today.  (It must show in my writing, I’m sure.)

Thanks!  I’ll keep you all posted!


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